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Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Sweat lodge ceremonies have their roots in all indigenous tribal communities.  Because tribal communities were historically small and thus dependent on collective harmony for survival, when people did not get along with one another everyone suffered. To regain harmony for the benefit of the tribe, the spiritual leader would take the conflicting parties into a small and dark hut like structure where they would remain until the issues were resolved and harmony returned.  To help facilitate a speedy resolution between the parties, very hot stones were brought into the lodge and placed in the center.  The sweat lodge leader would sprinkle water on the stones, pray and sing for resolution and peace between the people.  No one left the lodge until there was peace and understanding.

The purpose of sweat lodge ceremonies is to remove obstacles within yourself that prevent you from being in the present moment in a peaceful and loving way. The focus in the ceremony is on yourself, not others.  It is a difficult process and not something to take lightly. A sweat lodge ceremony has only the magic we bring to it, the magic of having the willingness to look within and letting go of our attachments and aversions.  In doing so, we can create more peace within ourselves and help the world come to more peace one person at a time.

Today, when someone calls for a sweat lodge ceremony, they might want relief for whatever causes them to suffer such as anger, rage, grief, anxiety, resentments, obsessions or addictions.  They might want to have a sweat lodge ceremony to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.  Sometimes sweat lodge ceremonies are used to resolve issues between couples, family members or friends.

Whatever the reason or purpose of the ceremony, it is conducted within the lodge.  Fully clothed, participants sit on the ground in a circle.  The inside of the lodge is dark.  There is a hole in the center for hot stones which are heated in a fire outside the lodge.  There are 4 rounds to the ceremony.  Each round lasts approximately 20 minutes.  No one is allowed to leave during the rounds.  During each round of prayers and songs, participants have an opportunity to let go of whatever causes them to suffer. After each round, participants can leave to drink water and then come back inside.  Generally, sweat lodge ceremonies take approximately 4 hours to complete.  After the ceremony, participants share a light meal together.

Sweat lodge ceremonies can be held for an individual, a couple, a family or a group.  My sweat lodge holds 6 people, including myself.

My sweat lodge ceremonies are drug free.  No cigarettes, no peyote, no ayahuasca.  Appropriate clothing is worn by all participants.

The cost is $200 for an individual or $500 for a group, which is paid at the beginning of the ceremony.

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